Ikat fabric blue viscose

Width 117cm x 196cm in stock

Sold per 10 cm, for 10cm fill in 1 for quantity, for 20cm fill in 2, for 50cm fill in 5, for 1 meter fill in 10, for 1.5m fill in 15 and for the total fill in 19.6

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In stock

Ikat fabric blue viscose

Ikat fabric blue viscose hand-loomed in a small village in the area of Hyderabad in India. The weave is actually a mix of cotton and viscose. I kept it in my personal fabric library.

The fabric is soft but has a good volume. You can stitch a top, a jacket, a skirt or even a dress with it.

Hand wash in cool water with a gentle soap. Machine wash on a cold /hand programme with a mild powder. 



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