Jamdani fabric red grape color

Jamdani fabric red grape color

Only one piece in stock: 2.37 m long by 116 cm wide

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Jamdani fabric red grape color

Jamdani cotton and silk hand-loomed cloth in India. The grape color background has woven blue leaves, embroidered in their middle. I designed the patterns in late 90’s for loungewear and Kimonos. It is a soft fabric but the mix of fiber gives it a good volume. Use it for making as well a home wear or home designs like cushion cover, for example. There is only 2.30m in stock.

The 1st fabric’s image is a scan therefore is the closest to reality. The other images were taken on a bright sunny day therefore the shade appears lighter.

Hand wash in cool water with a gentle soap. Machine wash on a cold /hand programme with a mild powder.


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