Sewing pattern Tulle Top

Elegant and feminine

Intermediate level

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Sewing pattern Tulle Top

Sewing pattern Tulle Top has got a belt and 3/4 long sleeves. The front is made of 2 pieces. The top one has got gathers on the waist seam. The belt is held by 3 loops, with one at the back. The sewing pattern Tulle Top has one button in front. A braid trimming finishes the neckline and wrists. A bias finishes the external neckline seam and the hem. It is very feminine and the short length, 10cm below the waist, enhances the waist line. Therefore it will suit very well petites women. But of course it suits tall women as well !

Sewing level

The Tulle Top design is suitable for intermediate level.

Included in the order

The sewing patterns are available from size XS to size XL and include the instruction booklet.  The order doesn’t include the fabric and haberdashery. You will find the fabric requirements in the booklet.

Suitable fabrics

For example a satin cotton, fine cotton poplin, cotton voile, linen, crepe silk or cotton, satin silk. Many variations are possible to stitch the Top Tulle. For instance a plain crepe for the top with another color for the belt and the braid trimming. Moreover it can be worn in a matching or contrasting skirt or trousers.

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